About Us

Hey! Welcome to KITSCHY!

KITSCHY is a design-led, independent UK accessory shop, selling unique handmade acrylic statement jewellery. Every single item is lovingly designed and crafted in Dundee, Scotland.

At KITSCHY we strive to create beautiful, original, unique and 100% handmade jewellery that you'll love and cherish forever. Our mission is to encourage and inspire creativity, self expression and individuality.

All of our pieces can be purchased right here on our website, however we also have an Etsy and Depop shop.

Everything you see on our website is original, unique and 100% handmade by me, I'm Kit (or @gutter.bratz) btw.

As a brand, I want to embrace and encourage individuality. By designing diverse, unique and bold statement jewellery I aim to empower others to confidently express their authentic, unique selves.

The Backstory


Ever since I was a teenager, I loved being tacky.

You name it: Big boots, coloured hair, heavy makeup, DIY customised clothing. Anything that couldn't be bought on the high street.

However, in the world of fashion, the word ‘tacky’ is typically slander.

I was compelled to create something different, something positively tacky.

I wanted to create pieces that enabled individuals, like me, to authentically express themselves - to be how I define Tacky.

It all began in 2016 when I tweeted “gonna ask Santa for a shit ton of large, plastic, tacky earrings bcus i think they look gr8”.

However, Santa failed me that year and this is where my disconnect with the jewellery industry started.

I started off real easy a few years ago, making jewellery out of HAMA beads (remember those?) which was actually kinda fun, but I got bored of the lengthy process of making them.

At the start of 2019 I learned how to use a laser cutter in university and my head flooded with ideas. I began by making a few pairs of earrings using MDF wood, which I spray painted different colours. These were pretty cool, but I wanted to experiment with different materials, this was when I started to work with perspex acrylic. I realised that I could take my designs and ideas to a whole new level with this material and I literally started churning out earrings and necklaces.

I wanted to share my jewellery with others. This was when KITSCHY was born. I rigourously began creating a brand concept. Names, logos, aesthetic, new designs, research. It was a huge learning experience for me, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Once the website and social media accounts were all finished up, I launched my first few pieces. The feeling of getting that first sale was literally indescribable.

I take delight in the unconventional and whimsical when designing and I aim to create pieces that are comfortable and confidence boosting whilst striving to create a deeper meaning for the wearer.

We are proud to be creating jewellery that is inclusive and gender neutral, rejecting the binary approach to gender identity within the jewellery industry by encouraging personal interpretation.

Every sale, every share, every mention, every like, every comment, means the whole world to me. The support I receive every single day is overwhelming and I am so happy you're all tagging along for this journey. Without you, KITSCHY wouldn't be where it is today and I am beyond grateful for that. Thank you so much.

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Want to know more? Simply drop me an email thatssokitschy@outlook.com and I'll get back to you ASAP. Lots of love, Kit X